Big Lamp Corner, 57-59 Regent St, Weston-super-Mare, BS23 1SP 01934 644900



In another life I was listening into a conversation in a local pub that a cafe on Regent Street was for sale, I was working for North Somerset Council and aware of proposals for a pedestrianised area outside the cafe to be created after a little negotiation and a lot of persuasion the cafe was mine.

I always knew I wanted to focus on sourcing local ingredients and creating a simple menu that would be made fresh every time. Within the 9 or so years we’ve been trading we’ve seen big changes not least the fact that I now have a beautiful, fiery five year old who creates chaos and order in equally deliriously happy measures.

We are, and always will be an independent business run by myself, Clare, and my daughter Francesca, with help from my amazing staff. We love meeting you, we’ll keep your loyalty card behind the counter with your name on and we’ll always try to remember what your drink of choice is.

We’ll do all this because we can can, because we’re small, and because we’re personal. And each time you drop in, we’re excited because you made the decision to support a local independent business which enables me to fund Francesca’s ballet lessons – and her penchant for pizza!